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Dean Ambrose : Got Madness? by Roselyne777

Dean Ambrose as Hannibal Lector? Good idea there! You really captured the smug emotion that Dean shows, and of course the hair is still...



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Journal History

 Greetings, my fellow Deviants, it is I once more with a little old thing that I started to do around June, it is called You know what bothers my nerves, go look for the first one,  it's pretty good (LOLCHEAPADVERTLOL), anyway, you know what truely bothers the living purgatory out of me? God damn moronic people who confuse amateur wrestling with professional wrestling.  As you may know, I am a huge fan of Pro Wrestling, I have loved it since I was born and I even plan to be a wrestler (Take a big wild guess on my wrestling name). Going back to my point, there is a certain person in my school who thinks he is funny (Usually makes jokes about old Spongebob episodes and memes) and says that he couldn't try out for wrestling because he brought a steel chair and couldn't use it.  Now,  I highly doubt that is true, if it is not,  I will be surprised myself, but  seriously,  how fucking stupid do you have to be to do that? There is a HUGE difference between Amateur wrestling and Professional Wrestling in terms of just about everything, Amateur focuses on the sport, while Pro focuses on character at least here in America, hell, there is a lot of things that those two differ on, but it is a gigantic list to write and my hand would write forever. Another thing that seems to bother me is the RKO Vines. Being a Pro Wrestling fan isn't easy, people will find ways to make fun of you for it, but anyhow, RKO Vines. I never understood the humor of them, it is just mere bad editing that even :iconconcretebuilding: would cringe about (Hi Ian, how ya doing?), and that is it. Heck, my older brother finds them funny, but different taste in humor, I suppose.  RKO Vines somehow got popular and now they are not,  which thank god, but then What's 9 +10 came along and if you live under a rock, you are a lucky son of a bitch. Anyhow, it seems that I get picked on for being a wrestling fan, ignorant people asking me if John Cena is my favorite wrestler and stupid shit. On the other hand,  there are some people who don't watch wrestling,  but they are smart enough not to make jokes about people who watch it, in which if you are one of those people,  thank you,  your parents raise you well. However,  if you are one of those people who make fun of people who watch wrestling,  you deserve a slap in the face, us wrestling fans don't judge on what sport you watch, I am looking at you,  MMA fans, why judge our way of life if we had not judged yours?  We did not start the fire, you guys did. Well, I think that does wrap up my point here, so until next time,  adieu. 
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Paulie Danger
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Howdy y'all, it's me Paulie Danger (Not my real name, please dont call me Paulie D) I am a huge Wrestling fan since 1999, mostly WWE and TNA. I am also a Nintendo supernerd! Mostly Mario, Punch-Out, and SSB! CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is allowed, not comments like you're art sucks cause that just makes you look like you not only failed English, but it makes your criticism look last minute insult. I also write Wrastling Fan-Fiction!

Relationship Status: Dating :iconjadeloveswwe:, the Lita to my Edge, the Miss Elizabeth to my Macho Man, the Brie Bella to my Daniel Bryan, and the Thorn Rose Marie Lesnar Brooks to my Tony Reks!

If I am Mankind, then :iconalphamoxley95: is The Rock. (The Mox and Sonic Connection?)

My focus here on DeviantART isn't to gain attention, it is to show my literature to the world, the website is my audience and I am here to put on a show.

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Stories of Your wrestling OCs
Hello everyone, TheSonickid131 here with another commission! Now I am gonna keep my creepypasta one too, don't worry, but I bet you guys have your original characters and you want to write a story about him/her, but you never have the time! Uh Oh, what are you gonna do? Either delay it OR let me (TheSonicKid131) write for you! However I have a limit of 2 at a time! So yeah, it's just worth 10 points! Easy as that!
Creepypastas or Stories!
So, I am doing commissions on Creepypastas or other stories on any genre. So please commission on any stories.
It's just 80 points, so you just have to pay 80 cents that's all!


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